Brookstone Capital Management

Dressander|BHC has formed a strategic alliance with Registered Investment Advisor, Brookstone Capital Management, to help our advisors build stronger and more successful practices.

Brookstone’s business goal is to provide advisors all of the resources needed to make them the most enhanced asset gatherers possible through Brookstone’s all-inclusive infrastructure:

  • Investment Strategies
  • Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Portfolio Design
  • Operational Support
  • Technology/Software/Robo-solutions
  • Training

Why Brookstone?

  • Provides full in-house support and infrastructure with a focus on high-level service
  • 3 CFAs as part of their in-house staff that are not outsourced through a third-party firm
  • All fee schedules under 2.00% and fully wrapped with no additional client costs; advisor payouts start at 1.00% with no minimum production requirement
  • Marketing solutions and access to multiple marketing programs are provided and customized without a monthly fee
  • Comprehensive training is provided to enhance all aspects of an advisory practice
  • Has a seasoned and dedicated staff of over 40 people who are “on call” to help our advisors grow!

Whether you’re new to the advisory business, looking for help to grow your existing practice, or adding fee-based money management to your services, Brookstone offers all the resources you need.


Dressander|BHC is not a registered investment advisor and does not provide investment advice.

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