Please see the following carrier links for electronic applications:


Allianz ApplyNOW

Now it’s even easier to do business with Allianz with ApplyNOW – a new way to submit fixed index annuity (FIA) business electronically.


American Equity’s ReadyApp

Welcome to American Equity’s Electronic Application Service – ReadyApp. With ReadyApp’s 24-hour access and mobile capabilities, you spend less time submitting new business and more time building your business.


Annexus Direct

Annexus Direct is the latest platform in electronic order entry technology. It is a robust forms wizard that helps guide Advisors through the completion of each new business form. Annexus Direct supports complex product and good order rules while promoting a good order experience.

Global Atlantic

Global Atlantic SnapApp

Great American

Great American Annuities

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North American

North American’s Annuity E-App

North American’s Annuity e-App is your solution for a quick and complete application process for virtually all of your North American business!